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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles reports on 1/13/2016

Pretty good solid winter fishing here on the Truckee River. We’re getting some more to our snowpack this week.

Cold in the mornings- warming into the afternoon. All tactics will get you some fish on the Truckee right now. Pretty much any section you should be able to pick up some fish. You do not usually get big numbers of fish this time of year, but bigger fish, yes.

Small nymphs such as zebra midges, small mayfly nymphs, princes, etc, etc. Stones and big stuff will work too at times, but the majority of fish are feeding on smaller stuff. Streamers are also very effective this time of year. A big meal seems to sometimes get fish out their winter funk and they will chase at times. I slow down my retrieves this time of year. Not really enough water to fish the switches this winter, but I’m sure that will change. A single handed rod is actually much more effective with the bunny type flies anyways.

There are some bugs out mid-day, baetis and midges, but not really any fish on top. Not yet, but soon for some dry fly fishing.

I will post a winter streamer class date this week. This will be a class with single handed rods, not switch rods.

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