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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles reports on 11.20.18

Snow in the forecast for Tahoe.

Gotta love that. Rain for Nor Cal, gotta love that too.

Really what we need fishing wise for the Truckee River. The rest of this month might actually be pretty good.Clouds and rain are better than stagnant, clear and cold conditions. Looks like slight ridging for next week, so dry, and then maybe, just maybe a zonal jet stream for December. That’s when we get our snows in Tahoe.


Flows have finally dropped out of Boca. Flows in the Hirsch are in the 200’s. Flows came up out of Lake Tahoe to compensate. Pretty typical flows for about now. Higher flows down in the desert on the Nevada side.

Clear and cold and tough as shit on the Cali side. It will be better this week with some rain and clouds. It’s always warmer out with cloud cover. I really haven’t spend much time fishing around here lately.

In Nevada, we’re poking the bear occasionally. The bear being a big brown trout. We’ve moved a few monsters this last weekend and got a few descent fish in the boat. If it’s even somewhat cloudy, it’s been way better than sunny days. It’s nice when you have anglers that can appreciate moving a big brown from cover and seeing the fish grab the fly. They don’t always connect, that’s streamer fishing. That’s all it takes for me. I don’t need to land very fish, just as fun to see them as it is to land them.

And yes, I guide year round. Any month an be good on the Truckee River, flows and weather depending.

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