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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles Reports 11.24.16


It’s more winter than fall on the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake Nevada.

Cold and snow and rain, hopefully it will keep coming.

Good news for both venues as the weather helps the fishing. Cold cloudy days are better than cold sunny days. Just is.

On the Truckee River we’ve been getting into some, not a lot, but some. Those some are usually big this time of year. Trouts have moved into slower deeper water. Big trout need to eat every day, little trout not so much. So don’t come up thinking you’re going to slay them, in fact lot’s of folks get skunked this time of year. Hire a good guide, it’ll help you out, ha ha. Anyways, nymph up on them, or streamer fish. Winter fishing is a whole different deal. Opposite of what you do in summer. Some of the same rules apply, but you will have to change your game.

Pyramid Lake has been fishing very very well. Hard to get skunked out there right now. Most all of the beaches have fish on them. Find a beach and fish into the wind if you can. These storm cycles will keep the bite on. Low pressure is generally good for the lake. We had a great switch rod clinic this past weekend and I don’t thing they’ll be going back to the single handers for fishing the lake.

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