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Truckee River and Pyramid Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles Reports on 12.1.2016

Looking and feeling a lot like winter on the ole Truckee River and Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

We had some pretty good snowfall and temps are for continued cold in our area.

The Truckee River is still about the same as last post. Flows are about 225 cubes here in the Hirsch and bit higher down into Nevada. Winter fishing folks. Trouts have moved into slower deeper water. You must hit them on the head and remember winter trouts are lethargic. Be patient and cover the water thoroughly, if you don’t hook up, go back and do it again. Big fish need to eat everyday, and some folks get rewarded with a fish of their lifetime in the winter on the Truckee River. Nymph up on them with stones, small mayflies, midges, eggs, worms. Streamer fishing can also be good this time of year and what I’ve mainly been doing. Switch rods, or single handed rods will both work. I’ve been favoring the single handed rods the last few years as I am just more connected with my leader and fly. Both are fun though, and I use both.

I will have a winter streamer clinic posted soon.

Pyramid Lake in Nevada has been good. We’ve been throwing the switch rods out there for sure. Great place to learn the 2 handed overhand cast. Bonus is that you could catch a fish in the 20 pound class. We haven’t this year, but it’s just being on the right beach at the right time. It’ll happen. Remember, find a beach with the wind blowing in. If it’s sunny and calm, wait for the lower light hours. The fish will come in at some point. Some days, usually stormy days, you may have a good bite all day long. Calm days you need to wait it out and wait for the fish. The light and the pressure (barometer) play a big part in your success at the lake.

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