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Truckee Fly Fishing Report

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Matthew Koles reports on 5.31.18

Really good fishing on the Truckee River.

The sun finally came out after about 2 weeks of rain. Flows are slowly coming down again. It’s ridiculously beautiful up here with all the green and the trees and bushes and things. Birds are chirping, deer are out, and the fish are healthy. Now we’ll get right into summer.

The whole river should explore with bugs this week with the warm weather. Yes, I’m sure we’ll see some green drakes, probably golden stones, carpenter ants, and maybe some caddis. Caddis is the big thing on this river really. That’s the blue-collar bug. Put on the pupa in about a week and bam. Get some G-6’s. They catch fish faster on this river than any other fly. The fishing should be really good this June.

I will post tomorrow for a tight line nymph clinic on June 23. It can and will change the way you fish if you attend

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