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San Francisco Halibut Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Kevin DeGulis reports 9.13.18

Its been an excellent week in the San Francisco Bay and it is only going to get better. We are in the thick of the striped bass migration, but other ocean-going aquatic animals are coming into the bay as well. What is exciting and becoming a growing phenomenon is California Halibut on the fly.
Here are some keys to success when targeting Halibut on the fly. 


1. Sandy Bottoms: The San Francisco Bay has sections with sandy bottoms, these flatfish will use the shallow sandy bottoms to sun themselves on hot fall days.

Halibut from Tyler Kolligian


2. Edges of rock structure: Often you can find California Halibut off areas that have stable flat structures which most of the time have seaweed or seagrass growing off of it. The halibut feel safe, and the cover of the seagrass gives them an excellent ambush area for pouncing on bait fish.


3. Black, Orange, Yellow, and Red Colors Clouser: Surprising Halibut come up for these baitfish patterns.


4. Sinking Lines: Type 3 is undoubtedly my favorite sink rate for Crissy field.

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