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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 6.9.2016

Putah Creek Fishing Well Finally

It’s been a few weeks since I have reported on how Putah Creek is fishing.  The reason being is that there wasn’t much to report.  This was the toughest late spring fishing I have ever seen out there.  

The main villain to blame here was the Wragg fire from last summer.  That fire torched the hills around the creek destroying much of the vegetation and roots.  When we had the rains this spring it turned the creek to a very unusual mud color.  When it settled we were left with big slugs of silt more then a quarter mile long.

Now that we are into the summer months I am seeing signs of life.  The creek is roaring at her usual 600cfs, which has cleared out a lot of the silt.  Now that the fish can find food easier the fishing has started to get good again.  The terrain is pretty difficult to get around in with such high flows.  Just remember that the fish are in the creek year around.  Your access becomes harder but the fishing can be good.  I have seen several very quality fish hooked in the past two weeks with lots of little fish mixed in there.

I have found a way to attack the river at high flows.  It is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never had the vessel to do it with.   I can only float one person at a time but if you are an angler looking to do a solo trip I got a killer way to fish Putah Creek now.

I have Tuesday June 14 and Thursday June 16 open.  Next available dates are in July.

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