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Putah Creek Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 10.29.2015 (530) 304-8421

Flows are back up around 100. Fishing picked up tremendously the last few days. I have witnessed a more consistent bite with the flows increasing. It seems like our average number of fish hook ups in a day are higher then in the past. I feel that is to do with the growing population of fish in this little system.
Water clarity is a bit off but that is helping more then hurting. There is a kind of a green tint to over 4 feet deep. We have been using 4x and 5x with slightly bigger flashier flies. Generally I don’t like a lot of color and flash but that is in general conditions.

One thing that makes a huge difference is that I use lead putty for my weight. Split shot is just not precise enough and can often times put chips in your leader making it weaker. What I like about the putty is that I can get really specific with how much to use. It makes a nice shape on the leader and doesn’t snag between rocks as bad. There is so much structure out there from mossy rocks to sticks and logs that using a more ideal set up for getting your rig back in one piece is ideal.

I have Tuesday and Thursday open next week for guide trips. Let’s get out there, conditions are great and the fish are hungry.

(530) 304-8421

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