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Putah Creek

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Jordan Romney reports on 9.8.2016

Well, Summer is starting to wind down meaning the flows on Putah Creek will start to drop in our favor. No more agriculture and less ac units running means less water out of Monticello.

This summer was very typical out there with lots of small fish in the very few spots to fish the creek at the high flows. The Creek just started to drop this week and will co to use to do so throughout the Fall. This makes the summer runs fish easier and exposes the rest of the Creek to easier access and fishing.

I had a decent day there this week with one guest. One giant fish lost and lots of scrappy smaller rainbows to keep us entertained. 

The usual stuff is working. Small mayflies and midges are always on the menu. The big fish are looking for crayfish and baitfish to fill their gut. Sculpzillas are a good pattern or shovel head sculpins. Bring a 6 weight to cast these flies.

We are getting into a good amount of action. Lots of feisty fish in the system on the smaller side are keeping us entertained.   I have also seen several big fish hooked lately.  A lot of death grips and heartbreaks.  One fish that I am guessing was in the 10lb range straightened a hook on a black slump buster.  That is a serious hook to have straightened.  

My September schedule is almost full but have a few random week days open here or there.  Currently I have September 20, 22, 25-28.  My October is about half booked so give me a holler to get in on the goods.

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