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On the fly - Broken Rod Repair

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We recently had two broken rods come into the shop. The individuals could not wait for their rods to go back to the factory to be repaired. Both were pretty amazed when we were able to get them operational on the spot. I wanted to share a few techniques that may help you get your gear back up and running quickly:

  1. Problem: Break in the very tip of the rod - The main necessary component to this procedure are getting the tip top off of the broken piece with a lighter and adhering it to the remaining rod tip. I normally carry heat glue with me but you can use any fast drying adhesive for a quick fix. Your rod won’t cast the same but you can always send it back in when you are back from your fishing trip. If the break is too far down the rod the tip top diameter will be too small to fit on the rod. 
  2. Problem: Glue in between the cork handle and the rod blank breaks free. This creates a very annoying creak in the rod and you run the risk of breaking cork while casting or fighting a fish. We used a needle to push Gorilla glue into the gap created where the rod goes through the handle to fix this. The Gorilla Glue expands to fill the gap and secure the cork and it was good as new. 

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