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Northern California Fly Fishing

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Brian Clemens Reports on 11.12.2015

Feather River

As always this is where I am spending most of my time. The fishing is a bit more consistent than a few weeks ago with the recent rains, but the fishing pressure is still there. The steelhead should keep pouring in, well should I say trickle in over the next few weeks, which will set up for some great winter fishing. We have been seeing bigger fish over the past few weeks, which is a great sign for future things to come. The egg bite is in full swing, and will also continue for a few more weeks as we are still seeing fresh salmon coming in. Hooking 6-8 fish in the norm right now, with some days producing double digit hook ups, most fish being the spunky 20-24" Feather River Steelhead that we all have fallen in love with. If you are not fishing the Feather, you need to be. If you are looking to fish the winter or spring run, I would recommend booking now, before its to late. Flies: Eggs, Caddis, MaysStreamers: Egg Sucking Leech, Flesh Flies

Trinity River

Here is another river that I have been putting some floats down, and while it is a bit slower than normal due to the lower than normal flows, the fish are in, and the are eating the normal routine of bugs. Expect this place to only get better with the next few storms, and hopefully not only bring up some more chrome, but also spread them throughout the entire upper stretches of the river. Right now most fish are being caught from JC down to Bagdag, however that’s where most of the boats are. If you are willing to put in the time and hard work, you can do just as well in the upper stretches above JC, less boats, less fish, but the hard work does pay off, and this is where I have been spending most of my time, with a drift or two down low.. This is another river that if you are not out there fishing it right now, you are definitely missing out. Swinging is really good right now too.Flies: Eggs, October Caddis, Copper Johns, StonesStreamers: Ho bo Speys, October Caddis patterns, Lady Caroline type patternsGood things happening with NCFG and Indian Creek Lodge, check out the other info stated below.

Yuba River

The egg bite is just starting to pick up, and that’s due to the really low water conditions this year. The salmon are on a snails pace getting up the Yuba, but the number of fish spawning has tripled over the past two weeks, so now is the time. Over the past few trips, I have noticed that the fish are not sitting in the normal fishy locations, which is usually the norm towards the end of September, when the salmon start to spawn. So you can say the Yuba is a month behind the norm. However, find some redds, and that’s where you will find the fish. Getting a good presentation still seems to be key. With the salmon slowly making their way in, and many salmon still pre-staging, the egg bite should go for at least a few more weeks. After that, it will be back to the normal bugs, and soon after dry fly fishing with Skwala Stones and March Browns. Definitely one of my go to rivers right now.Flies: Eggs, Stones, Caddis, Mays, Worms Streamers: Sculpin patterns, tan soft hackles

Lower Sacramento River

Been doing a trip here and a trip there, and the Lower Sac is fishing pretty good right now. The big fish are out and in full force gorging themselves on eggs, legs, mays and a few other flies that don’t rhyme. There are even a few steelhead in the system, and if you find yourself with one of those on the end of your line, you are in for a reel screaming treat. If you are not on the Lower Sac right now, you are truly missing out. The fishing will continue to be pretty good for the next few months, and with salmon still on their way in, the egg bite will continue for a few more weeks as well. This is really the place to be right now.Flies: Eggs, Legs, Mays, Caddis, BWOs

Putah River

Its that time of year where I say farewell to the creek until the spawn is over. I will start guiding it again in February if anyone is interested. Until then, Ill be chasing down the elusive Steelhead on all the Sac Valley Rivers as well as the Trinity River.

American River:

Not worth your time, water is extremely low and warm. Wait till January to start fishing this river.

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