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North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi / Baiocchi’s Troutfitters Reports on 7.22.2015

Lance Gray and I are running a Yuba River pontoon drift workshop, It’s about learning how to read the water, control your boat, and gain confidence with your oarsman skills. All aspects will be covered. The workshop date is 9/28.

Water levels continue to fall and it’s getting very skinny in some sections. The good news is there are numerous large and deep plunge pools that the resident wild rainbows will filter into. They will also concentrate in some of the small deep pockets as well. While fishing, skip the skinny water and focus on making presentations to those areas listed above. Water temps yesterday were 57 degrees at 8am, rising to 63 by 1pm. It’s best to fish the upper watershed now, and if you can find the springs and feeder creeks you’ll have much better results. Best times to fish are mornings and evenings, if you do plan on fishing during the middle of the day, look for shady areas and dark water.

The little yellow sally is still out but not in the numbers I saw two weeks ago. There has been an occasional mayfly lifting off the water, but I’ve yet to identify it. It’s really all about terrestrials now, and the fish have been slamming ant patterns. Best rig has been a large attractor dry fly with a drowned ant trailer off the back. Hoppers are starting to show in force as well, and you can’t beat a club sandwich hopper, just make sure it has some yellow to it. The North Fork Yuba offers really fun fishing and gorgeous surroundings, it’s an amazing place. Keep in mind that the Downieville Classic mountain bike race and festival will be July 30th through August 2nd, The town and the canyon will be a zoo, so you might want to skip that weekend if you’re looking for some solitude. See you on the water…

Jon Baiocchi

(530) 228-0487 

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