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North Fork Yuba, Lake Davis, and Truckee

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Jon Baiocchi Reports on 9.14.2017


I’ve been roaming back and forth from the Truckee area to the North Fork Yuba River for the past few months, and now it’s time to concentrate my guiding over to the Truckee River and Little Truckee River area for fall. I really can’t wait to be on the Northern Sierra stillwaters as well in a week or two when the water temperatures come down a little more. The Truckee River is in transitional state with cooler nights and the days becoming milder. I hope we have seen the last of the hot weather. Hatches have increased slightly with pseudocloeons (tiny bwo’s), a larger bwo, caddis, with the waning of the Stub Wing stoneflies (summer stones). October caddis are almost done pupating in their sealed off cases and ready to go once the arc of the sun gets a little lower, and temperatures drop both in the air and water. There are lots of smaller fish in the system ranging from 9 to 2” and are eating dry dropper rigs. These trout are about 2 years old and it amazes me that we have a large population right now because that means that even during the drought, their parents were able to pull off a very productive spawn. 


Look for these fish to get a whole lot bigger in the next few years. Tight lining has been the most effective method as always, but the brown trout are starting to move around and that means good streamer fishing is just around the corner. Sculpin patterns, crayfish, and baby rainbows will entice if properly presented. Overall fishing is picking up and will continue to get better as the weeks march on.


 In other news, myself and other board members of Trout Unlimited Truckee chapter 103 had an outreach meeting for our next restoration project on “The Loop” upstream of Horner’s Corner. Though attendance was light, we were pleased that anglers who cared or wanted to comment showed up. The project is slated for fall of 2018, and with the addition of the “J” and “W” weirs, it will create scouring which will deepen the featureless shallow area, and create new natural spawning gravel. The weirs also create habitat for not only larger trout, but also young of the year. The same type of restoration was done on the private water of the San Francisco Fly Casting Club last summer and even after this winter’s huge flows through the Glenshire stretch, every boulder was still standing. The weirs for the most part did their job. If you would like donate, volunteer your time, or get involved with the Trout Unlimited Truckee chapter, contact Sierra-Cascades Field Coordinator Sam Sadillo at the Truckee office – 530.587.7110. See you on the water…

Jon Baiocchi

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