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North Fork Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi / Baiocchi’s Troutfitters reports on 8.13.15

Water levels have noticeably dropped in the last week, on last week’s trip my guest and I skipped much of the water that was fishable two to three weeks ago, and focusing on the deeper slots, pockets, and plunge pools. We’ve had some colder mornings the past few days as well, and water temperatures have come down. At 9:00 am they ran 56 degrees, climbing to only 60 by 1pm. This is normal for this time of year as the days are getting a little shorter. We may see another heat wave or three, only time will tell. As we march forward towards autumn we can then start fishing lower down the watershed, but if it’s hot weather, the upper watershed is best.

When the air temperatures rise, it’s the many springs pumping out 42 degree water that helps this fishery so much, and the well oxygenated frothy water. The wild rainbows thrive and stay in very healthy shape from these two key sources. I have noticed some springs are not flowing as they have weeks ago. Many anglers in Northern California, and Northern Nevada, think fall is going to cure everything in regards to the Truckee river system, including releases from Independence reservoir. In my opinion, do not get your hopes up too much, and see what Mother Nature brings to the table. Nobody knows at this point, but we can all agree that being positive, is the best outlook on the situation.

My guest, who lives in the state of Washington, usually fishes for steelhead and large cutthroat. He had an absolute blast last week with the 3 weight and those spunky rainbows. It flat out is just really fun fishing. The fish continue to crush ant patterns trailed behind a big dry fly with reckless abandon. As water levels continue to fall, it’s best to get out now if you want in on this great fishery. It’s beyond fun.

Well it finally happened; I got the crap scared out of me a few days ago. As we were moving past a big plunge pool, I was explaining to my guest how last year on a trip we ran into a 4 foot Rattlesnake. I even showed him the location, we rounded the corner of a few boulders, making our way back to the river. No more than 20 feet away from last year’s sighting I heard a short buzz, looked down and there was the same snake, 3 feet away from me. It lurched for me, and now was about two feet away. Without thought, I supermaned to the left and flew about 8 feet, and quickly turned toward it. It was already moving away slowly, and finding a safe hiding spot. Adrenaline was coursing through my veins, and I was high as a kite. What a rush! The Rattlesnakes of the Northern Sierra are very dark, almost black, with whitish/tan markings. Make a mental note of that. To hear the buzz of a Nothern pacific rattlesnake click here;

Be careful out there. If you do indeed see, or startle a snake, just leave it be. They really don’t want anything to do with humans. Most people, who get bit, are the ones who antagonize and screw with them. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Jon Baiocchi

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