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Nor Cal Fly Fishing Report

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Nor Cal Fly Guides Reports on 6.25.2017

Well this report comes to you a bit late, its not because of the great weather we have been having, but the great fishing we are having, but its better late then never. With the longest spring we have seen in years, getting out on local water has been a bit tough. Over the past few months almost all of my trips have been on the Lower Sac with a few on Putah. The Lower Sac has been fishing great whether it was at 5k,10k or 30k cfs, and Putah, well its Putah. With our local waters finally at fishable flows, its nice to be fishing close to home and on some good to great fishing. Summer is going to be good and our Fall should be great. So enough talking from me lets get onto the report.


  • Flows: 6400
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Fishing: Good to Great

The AR has been a sight for long driving eyes as its been fishing great for both shad and stripers. Most of the shad fishing has been up top from Rosemore up, as well as the crowds. But if you can get out early, you will miss the crowds and be off before it gets to hot. Also there are some huge stripers cruising up top but getting them to eat is another story. My striper trips have been from Sunrise down for full days, and Gristmil down for half days, and boy has it been good. We are seeing a ton of shakers, and in the mix are plenty of 2-5lbers. The big fish unfortunately are stuffed with shad right now, but those smaller fish will keep you busy. We are having some good top water action too if you can get on early enough, and plenty of fish to go around whether a full or half day, 1 or 2 anglers. As the shad start leaving the river, the striper fishing will only get better. Best way to fish for stripers is on early off early, get your fix and beat the heat. No better time than now and the next few months. Time to get your 8wt bent.


  • Flows: Low flow 2300, Total Flow 2500
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Fishing: Good to Great

Steelhead, striper and shad oh my, we have been having a few trifectas over the past 2 weeks, and its only getting better. Steelhead are thoughout the river system, but the further up you go the better it gets. Typically we are the only boat/anglers on the water, and the lack of fishing pressure truly shows, hitting a dozen steelhead ranging 14-20" is pretty easy right now, so hooking more is definitely likely. There are some bigger fish in the system as well, some pushing 8lbs, good luck landing these toads. On top of the steelhead fishing, we are even sticking a few stripers when targeted and a good number of shad too, it is the place to be right now. The river has definitely changed with the high water, and with it being 2300cfs in low flow, wade carefully. Fall is going to be sweet on this river and very busy, so as I always say, if you are looking to book a trip on the Feather, I highly recommend booking well in advance. “EGG BITE” will be here sooner than you think.

Nymphing has been the main game for steelhead, but getting them on the swing has been fun as well.


  • Flows: 3700
  • Clarity: Perfect
  • Fishing: Fair to good

The Yuba is slowly coming back into shape, and is getting better every time I float it. As I have stated in past reports its the Newba and will take some anglers a bit of time to get use to how it looks, fishes and feels, but in due time, she will give it up. Not a lot of bug activity right now, but tell that to the fish. We are getting fish all throughout the water column, from on top to dredging deep, seems like the fish know what they want, “A well placed and drifter fly”. My last trip on it we floated only a few (2) hours with clients and ended up hooking 6 fish, one being a 20" toad, but came unbottoned at the boat. When the flows get lower, this will be one sweet river. Until then, wade carefully as the river has changed a ton, and its not as shallow as before. With fall looming just around the corner if you are looking to book the “Egg Bite” on the Yuba, look to book sooner than later.

Nymphing is the main game, but throwing big bugs and swinging has produced a few fish as well.

Lower Sac

  • Flows: 10K
  • Clarity: Milky Green
  • Fishing: Good to Great depending on the day

The Lower Sac has kept every guide in Nor Cal including myself, in business and busy this year as it has been the only fishable water up to only a few weeks ago. Sometimes guiding it at 25-30k was needed, but now that its back down to 10k and its fishing extremely well. Big fish and a lot of fish will keep you busy throughout the day and some of the best fishing is just around the corner. The hotter the weather, the better it gets, so if you can bare the 100+ deg temps, you can plan on hooking a ton of fish. As you may know, the river is closed from Hwy 44 to the dam, and opens back up Aug 1st. This is great for the spring run kings, as well as the local trout up there, giving them all a break from the crazy, above normal pressure they have been seeing. Come Aug 1st if you are not on the water those first few weeks you are truly missing out. I highly recommending booking a day, 2 or even 3 during these first few weeks to experience the best fishing that you will ever have. Soon after fall will be here, and you know what that means, “EGG BITE”, need I say more.

Nymphing is the way to go right now.

This is where I have been spending all of my time as of late, and will continue to do so. The fishing is not red hot, but its darn good, and is only getting better on a daily basis. If you are looking to finally wet a line and get bent, no better time than now.

If you are thinking that you want to wait till Fall, please dont wait till the last minute to book your fall trip, this year is going to be a busy one, probably the busiest yet, so book now while prime dates are available.

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