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Mt Shasta Fly Fishing Report

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Dax Masset reports on 6.23.2016

The weather has been very sporadic in June here in Nor Cal.  Mt. Shasta got a beautiful blanket of fresh snow a few nights ago.  It makes for beautiful sunsets on Fall River as you await the hex hatch, which I have been fishing most nights since it started in late May.  Some of the windy and cooler nights this past week kept the hatch from happening, but overall its been a superb hex season despite the unseasonal weather.  The hatch is happening both above and below the confluence, which makes for a nice displacement of pressure.  Don’t drop right below somebody when there is two hundred yards of open water above them.  You need lights!  If you don’t have proper lights on your boat, at least have headlamps and flashlights.  Better yet, Shasta Angler in Fall River has the proper lights for you available for purchase, the game warden and other anglers don’t care if your crappy rental boat isn’t properly equipped with lights…its the operator’s responsibility.

Hat Creek has been decent in the mornings and evenings, kinda tough during the day.  The warmer weather will help hatches.  The Mac has been the typical McCloud.  At times you wonder if there are any fish or insects in the place, then all of a sudden it turns on and you are hooking fish in every spot on the river.  Afternoons have been better than mornings, fish the shade with your favorite dry dropper combo when the sun is on the water.  The Pit has been fishing better and better every day since the warmer weather has showed up.  Bring a wading staff and cover water with a rubber legs and bird’s nest dropper, and you will find fish.

I just opened up my Calendar for July, and bookings are limited.  Fishing should be excellent on all Nor Cal rivers these next few weeks.

Next 10 open days for Dax Messett: Jul 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Nov 9, 10, 11

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