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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Wild Waters Reports on 9.21.2017

The McCloud River went through some changes last week, with a cold front and precipitation warning us Fall is here and Winter is coming. In a blink of the eye, wet wading season is over. The air temps in the evenings are dropping to the mid thirties. Thus, its taking some time in the morning for the fish and bugs to get active. Suddenly, the mid day bite is the one to focus on. Reports vary from tough fishing to good fishing up and down this system. There are periods when the river feels sterile and the anglers frustrated. The key is to be at the right place at the right time. Like a light switch suddenly there will be activity and the sound of click pawls reels singing and whoops and hollers echoing of the canyon walls. Some of the fish we’ve been getting into are simply pigs. It seems the rainbows are trying to put on some weight and there are plenty of big October Caddis casings for them to munch on. Crunchy on the outside but a soft creamy texture inside. Yum. You’ll catch some of these fish and can feel the rocks in their bellies while releasing them. Its a great time to visit the McCloud and sadly many anglers are. Its rather busy out there and we expect big crowds this weekend. The human factor and weather change will vary the conditions even more so expect a challenge and a mighty reward.

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