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Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report

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Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report

Hogan Brown Reports on 10.2.2019

Fall Striper fishing is in full swing. Fall is the best time of year to target trophy river stripers but it can also be hard to hit it just right as they are not eating every day and consistent weather is key. Weather and just plain luck play a huge part in making it all happen...but when it does it is special. Most fish are coming shallow water and while there are some true trophies getting hooked there are also a fair number of schoolie size fish in the mix. As fall turns to winter the river will fish as long as it stays in shape. Meaning rain and storms don't blow out the river. Clarity is not so much and issue but flows and debris in the river are.

Fall Spotted bass fishing is kicking into gear and should continue to improve over the next month. Many of our valley and foothill reservoirs are some of the most consistent fisheries over the winter as they fish best during the fall/winter/early spring and rarely blow out or muddy up with weather. Many fly anglers fail to utilize these fisheries but in the bass world they are truly world class as the world record spotted bass comes from Northern California and every winter it seems that the record gets broken or rumors of record breaking spotted bass creep through the fishing world.

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