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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Anthony Carruesco reports on 3.8.17

Well, there seems to finally be some good news on the horizon for anglers in Northern California. Weather for the foreseeable future is looking to stabilize in the coming days. There are a couple very weak systems in the mix, with most of the weather looking to be partly sunny and in the 60s and 70s. What a welcomed change of pace that is going to be.

As the Lower Sac has remained at flood stage for the past 8 weeks, I have been salvaging some of my guide days traveling a bit more searching for green water and bright steelhead. Even though the windows haven’t been nearly as frequent as we’re used to - there have been plenty of opportunities to be had if you’re willing to travel a bit and get creative.

Well, there is some good news (FINALLY) coming from the Lower Sac. Flows are going to be reduced to 13,000 cfs by Saturday, March 11th. This is a very fishable flow. Hell, anything under 35k is to be considered a fishable flow for us this year. As long as the water clarity gets just a tab bit better - we will be extremely stoked. There is certainly some more precip in the forecast but these coming systems look significantly weaker than what we’ve been experiencing the past 3 months. The fish in the Lower Sac have had a very healthy break from any angling pressure, since the middle of December. You can bet the fishing will be pretty special in the coming weeks as conditions stabilize.

I still have a few spring and summer dates open.

**High flows in the Spring and Summer is a really good combination for finding BIG fish on the Sac. High flows also tend to push our trout to the edges of the river and make them more prone to eating the dry fly. Not guaranteeing the dry fly fishing will be consistent BUT I expect to see more heads sipping flies on the surface this Spring and Summer than we have in the past. Our trout have had over 2 months of rest and relaxation from any angling pressure. You can bet that they are going to be eating with reckless abandon when conditions stabilize. This could be a very special spring and Summer season on the Lower Sacramento River.

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