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Lower Sac Striper and Pit River Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 6.9.2016

Lower Sacramento Striper Fishing 

turning on as the shad are thinning out. We have been getting fish up to 10lbs over the last week and plenty of keeper fish to fill the gaps. As the Shad thin out the bigger fish should start looking for other food sources making them easier targets for the fly. There has also ben some nice largemouth bass in the mix that are chasing striper flies fished close to structure. Water temps have cooled down as flows have increased out of keswick and fish seem to be happy.

Pit River

Spent 2 days up at Clearwater Lodge guiding over the last week as well. We floated Pit 1 both days and fishing was good. We had to work hard for our fish but we caught some nice 16-18" fish and plenty scrapper pit fish to fill the gaps. This is a really cool stretch of the pit that is only accessible by raft and while it rarely gives up the numbers of the stretches below Britton it is a beautiful and unique stretch that hold some REALLY BIG fish…we broke off a few that we never saw over the two days that I will have dreams about for a few weeks.

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