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Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown, Hogan Brown Fly Fishing

Lower Sac - Spent most of my time fishing from Red Bluff down river where clarity is much better. Up through Redding/Anderson clarity is a big issue as the lake is blown out from the last few rains. I imagine with the forecasted rain over the next few days the whole system may blow but who knows. There are good numbers of trout spread out down stream of red bluff with fair numbers of steelhead moving through the system as well if you know where to concentrate your efforts for them. Beads, Eggs, rubber legs, and attractor nymphs are catching the most fish down here. The key is knowing where to fish as it is a big river and the best spots are not always the obvious ones. 

Anthony Carruesco, AC Fly Fishing

Currently, the Lower Sacramento River is running a bit dirty. The source is Lake Shasta. As we have rain fall on the big exposed dirt banks of the reservoir, dirty water fills the Lake. More than likely we will be dealing with colored water for the remainder of the winter… which is totally fine with me. Visibility is hovering between 2-3 feet. The off colored water allows the bigger fish to feel comfortable and eat much more freely than they would in low, clear conditions. As visibility is limited, your small bugs of winter might not be the best option. Think bigger. Click here to check out more images from the Sac.image

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