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Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi, Baiocchi Troutfitters

Callibaetis! The mayfly of the lakes is out and last weekend the hatch was monstrous with thousands out and about. Both subsurface, and dry fly presentations were very effective as the large trout were totally keyed in on them, many were hooked in a foot and a half of water right off the bank! Water temps this week are running 60 to 66 degrees, and the water clarity is much cleaner as the algae bloom is fading slowly. Air temps have been much warmer in the mornings with heavy smoke from the Kings fire. Big wind affected the callibeatis hatch the past few days with gusts up to 30, but it does clear the smoke out, and that’s a good thing. 
The fall bite is starting to kick in, and the trout are getting a little grabbier, and not so shy. A good plan would be to hunt heads in the morning with callibaetis patterns in the shallows, and open water from a PWC with a floating line. From 11 am to 1pm an indicator rig 3 to 5 feet down is working really well. In the late afternoon deep indicating 9-14 down is also effective but action is slow. Intermediate lines with a rust wiggle tail and a hare’s ear trailer is also producing, slow strips have been best.
Go to flies have been Adams parachute #16, Hare’s Ear nymphs #14-16, Sheep Creek specials #12-14, rust Wiggle Tails #10-14, Albino Wino midge pupa #12-16, Mahalo nymphs in red #10-14, and Blood Midge Pupa #12-14. The best fishing of the year is on the horizon, and within reach. Make your plans now to visit Lake Davis in the next 6 weeks.

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