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Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

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Cory Godell, at Deschutes Angler, Reports on 8.4.2016

It’s a pretty easy game, cast it out there, maybe throw a mend in it and hold on!
It’s that easy. Sometimes.

The fish of a 1000 casts. There are days you can’t buy a bite and wonder if there’s even a fish in the river. Then you hit that one magical day and you can do no wrong. The bite is on and you are hooking a steelhead every other spot. It’s a day you will never forget. Regardless if you are catching or just fishing for steelhead, it’s always a good time on the Deschutes.

The steelhead fishing was good the first part of the month but has been up and down lately due to the hot weather. With the days starting to get shorter and and the temperature cooling down the fishing should pick back up. Primetime on the Deschutes, usually starts latter part of this month and carries right on through November.

If you are ready to go after some of these amazing fish give us a call.

If trout is more your game there’s still time. There is still plenty of them around. With a few exceptions, the trout fishing this season has been some of the most consistent fishing we’ve had in a few years. Our caddis and mayfly hatches will continue right on through the middle of October.

Tight Lines.

Deschutes River Anglers

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