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Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

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Cory Godell reports on 4.6.17

Deschutes River It’s that time of the year again. April 22nd is opening day on the Lower Deschutes. If you enjoy nymphing for trout you do not want to miss the first couple of weeks of the season. The fish should be good and hungry, and a bit on the dumb side of things since they haven’t been fished for in months. On top of what should be some great nymphing, you should also run into some dry fly action in the middle of the day. Usually during the heat of the day there are some good mayfly hatches still coming off. Somewhere around the third week of May is when our big bugs start to show, the infamous salmon fly hatch. Because of the big winter we’ve had, it should extend the salmon fly hatch well into June this year.

Fish and Wildlife We’ve had some big and exciting high water this spring on Trout Creek. With all the water that has been running down the creek it has made it a bit trickier than normal to locate the steelhead and their redds. Trout Creek is the main steelhead spawning tributary of the Deschutes. The great news is with the creek running big it will no doubt help the juvenile and adult steelhead for years to come.

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Cory Deschutes River Anglers

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