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Deschutes Fly Fishing Report

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Deschutes Fly Fishing Report
Cory Godell reports on 07.18.19
Fishing has been a little on the slower side lately, because of the full moon and the slightly cooler than average temperatures.  The mornings and evenings are definitely your best bet if you are looking for some dry fly action. During the heat of the day, you will probably want to do some nymphing. Traditional nymphing or Czech nymphing have both been working, you just have to pick the right spot for each. X-Caddis have worked as good as any dry fly of late, Stonefly nymphs and sparkle pupas have been the ticket for the nynphs. Hot temperatures are on the way which  warms the water temps quickly and gets the caddis hatches firing strong which should make for some of the best dry fly fishing of the season.

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