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Delta Striper Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Bryce Tedford reports on 3.9.17

The Delta is starting to clear, but could really use a few weeks without rain & she could really start fishing! There are some fish out there but it can be up & down. We have had a few good days & then a few tougher days over the last week. Most of the SW Delta is still closed, so see the previous week’s report or make sure you are aware of the closures due to levee integrity & a lot of debris out in the channels.

I have been fishing outskirt sloughs, channels or areas where I can find any sort of clarity. Water temperatures have ranged from 50-55 degrees over the last week which is pretty good & should go up with the warmer week ahead.

Fishing wise, surprisingly my primary success has been on 4-6" rattle flies in various colors on Intermediate lines. I generally fish Intermediate lines on flats towards the banks in 2-6’ of water. Intermediate lines are an absolute pleasure to fish, offer exciting takes & many times lead to the biggest fish I find throughout the year. If you have not spent much time with the intermediate game, I suggest you give the gang at Lost Coast a call & get setup!

It can be a lot of fun, but be safe out there! Still low water clarity & plenty of debris that can be hard on your boat. Guide-wise, I am taking dates for the next few months starting mid-March if anyone is interested. The other guides will start booking up as well, so book your Delta adventures soon!

Captain Bryce Tedford

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