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Delta Fly Fishing Report

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Steve Santucci Reports on 6/9/2016

Smallmouth’s are fishing well on the Sacramento River and  adjacent sloughs that hold them.  You can fish them deep with intermediate or fast sinking lines with your favorite minnow or crayfish patterns.  You can fish them equally effective on top with your favorite foam or deer hair poppers.  The action is fast and you are constantly hooked up.  It’s a great way to introduce your child to catching fish.

Largemouth Bass fishing can be had in all sections of the Delta.  Top water patterns are a great way to get large fish and experience explosive  action.
Casting is more demanding in that you need to be accurate and be able to gently land your fly in the target area.   Floating lines with weight forward tapers work best to throw the average bulky patters.  Eight and 9 weight rods work best because you sometimes need to throw bigger bugs and you need to be able to get your fish  up and over and thru heavy vegetation.  Great fun!

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