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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

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Steve Santucci Reports on 7.1.20
At this time of year I am usually taking care of needed boat maintenance and getting gear ready for early fall Striiper fishing.  If I do any fishing it will be targeting Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.
Past experience has taught me that you can expect to catch Stripers and some big Stripers in August.  I also expect the wind to be up during this period.  So you have to watch your tides and wind speeds and locations in order to be able to have a chance.  It can be frustrating trying to figure a decent day.  With September comes more reliable weather and  more possibilities.  August and September do not hold the largest concentrations of Stripers but the fish are less spooky and will usually totally commit to a fly.  You can usually experience some of the most violent takes and hardest fighting fish that you will catch.   Also you have your best chance of catching a 20 pound  plus fish during this period.
I hope that I have reminded you of the benefits of fishing during August and April.  Plan your calendar and get in on the action.

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