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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

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California Delta Fly Fishing Report

Capt. Bryce Tedford Reports on 5.26.20

Spring Striper season is winding down & I am making the transition to Summer Largemouth & Smallmouth trips. Spring Striper season was challenging with Covid 19 but some exciting surprises were still a reality! A personal highlight was a 25+lb Striper that gave me an incredible battle that I will never forget! The Stripers will return to the Delta this Fall but now it is time to focus on Topwater Largemouth & Smallmouth for the summer!

Smallmouth 1/2 day trips offer Topwater fishing with light rods such as 4 or 5wts. We cast small poppers towards rock banks & eagerly awaiting Smallmouth. This fishery is a great way to introduce beginners to the sport & fun for seasoned anglers who like Topwater poppers on light rods.

Largemouth 1/2 day trips offer Topwater fishing with heavy rods such as 8 or 9wt. We cast large poppers such as frog patterns to ideal holes in the weeds until a largemouth explodes on the fly! 

If you are into some Largemouth/Smallmouth Topwater or just trying to get someone into the sport then give me a call for a summer excursion. Also, if you want to get a jump on a Fall Striper date just let me know as well. I know this has been a challenging time for so many & my heart goes out to all those impacted. That said, maybe a relaxing day on the water is just what a person could use, cheers! 

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