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Burney/Fall River Mills Fishing Report

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Jon Fochetti at Clearwater Lodge reports on 6.2.2016

Hat Creek

Isn’t quite on fire anymore, but still fishing well. Trending more towards the normal fishing…tricos spinner fall in the a.m., nymphing through the middle of the day with small mayfly patterns like Hogans S&M, and micro mays. Evenings are great, lots of mayflies popping as well as Yellow sallies in the fast water.

Pit River

Pit one is still a bit high and off color but seems to be clearing. We shall see what happens with this warm weather. It could come up a bit more, time will tell. Pit three is fishing great. I’ve said it before and will say it again, there is an insane amount of water, try something new where there aren’t cars everyday. I know this advise isn’t for everyone, however if you are willing to wade where other people are not the catch rate increases exponentially. With that in mind be safe out there, wading the pit is tough. Bring your wading staff, studded boots, rubber leg stoneflies and maybe a change of clothes…

Fall River

Finally the fish are spreading out and eating!! Long DRAG FREE drifts are necessary to be successful out here. Being able to effectively feed line is way more important than long cats. Also use light tippet…6x and small flies are the go to. Micro mays, hogans S&M, and zebra midges always work well. Don’t forget your PMD dries, because they are starting to pop mid day.

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