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Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head


Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head

$ 59.99

SKU 5168
Sink Rate:
Sink 3
Sink 6

Shooting heads are one of the most versatile line systems one can fish. Shooting heads are great for casting long distances. Shooting heads are perfect for fishing saltwater and freshwater. 

The Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head is 30 ft long and designed for the weight of rod specified on the box. Do not line up. 

  • 7wt Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head weighs 265 grains
  • 8wt Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head weighs 315 grains
  • 9wt Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head weighs 375 grains
  • 10wt Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head weighs 425 grains


Floating Shooting Head:

  • A floating shooting head will probably be your least used head in your arsenal should you purchase one.  That being said, a floating head can be an extremely useful tool for the right circumstances. Poppers and crease flies on the delta is probably what most people have in mind when they think of big rods and dry lines for California.  Ironically sometimes a floating line allows for fishing subsurface patterns in close to shore or keying in on those fish feeding just below the surface on baitfish like we see all too often in Richardson Bay. 

Hover (1 ips)

  • Remember mentioning fish feeding just below the surface?  That is exactly what this hover line is perfect for. A hover line is great for those windy days on Richardson or other shallow fisheries.  This is because with its extremely slow sink rate it will sit just below the surface while a floating head could be sent every which way on the retrieve battling wind chop.

Intermediate Shooting Head: (1-2ips)

  • The Intermediate head is definitely a must have for any fisherman trying to key in on fish in the bay.   The San Francisco Bay is surprisingly shallow at an average of 12-15 feet deep. Keep in mind that this number is skewed by the 300 foot depth under the Golden Gate.  Most of the water you’ll be fishing will be somewhere between 5-10 feet deep and more often than not in the interior of the bay the fish will be holding up closer to the surface chasing bait.  An intermediate head is a great tool for fishing the top 3 feet of the water column.

Type 3 (3-4ips)

  • This is our favorite head for Crissy Field.  This is your in between sink tip which is only fitting because Crissy is a perfect example of calmer surf conditions being just inside the golden gate.  This is also a great line for calmer surf conditions at more shallow graded beaches. We have done really well out at Stinson when the conditions line up with a sink 3.

Sink 6 (6-7ips)

  • This is a great line to have for anywhere outside the golden gate.  Whether you’re chasing tanks out at Ocean Beach or trying your hand at some winter perch fishing up at Stinson, this line will get down to the fish.  The most important thing out on the coast is to make sure that your line gets down through the surface turmoil of the surf. This heavy fly line does exactly that and will help you to keep line tension through the push and pull of the whitewater.