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Large Dot Guinea Hackle

Natures Spirit

Large Dot Guinea Hackle

$ 5.50

SKU 7440
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Kingfisher Blue
Steelhead Orange
Sculpin Tan
Medium Olive
Golden Tan
Large Dot Guinea is a perfect collaring feather for a grizzly look on your fly. perfect for sculpin collars, and putting on the front of a wooly bugger. guinea does not come in great lengths, but does a fantastic job at adding another dimension to any fly.

The African guineafowl is a species of bird similar to the partridge family. The species has a long and storied history of domestication and use in costumes, arts and crafts, and, of course, fly tying due to its distinctive and beautiful speckled coloration. The feathers of this bird are webby and of medium length, rendering them quite useful for a range of fly tying applications. Use these spotted strung guinea feathers as legs in your favorite nymph and subsurface fly patterns or as collars in your wet flies. This feather is also a required material in tying many gaudy Atlantic salmon fly patterns and is gaining popularity among saltwater fly tyers who cobble together large streamers that require the movement and articulation these feathers provide. Steelhead fly tyers will also love these uniquely spotted feathers as collars on their large marabou flies and other steelhead-specific fly creations. In a pinch or if you don’t want to spend a ton of cash, you’ll also find that guinea feathers will substitute quite well for jungle cock nail feathers in patterns calling for natural cheeks and eyes.