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C.F. Burkheimer

Burkheimer Vintage Build Spey Rod 7134-4

$ 1,250.00

Burkheimer designs rods with forgiving actions and loads of feel. Feel might seem like an esoteric thing, but it’s the tactile expression of the soul of a rod. Rods with feel enhance an anglers performance and enjoyment, and those things aren’t just the domain of guides or instructors. Talk to us about these rods and you may hear us describe them as having “grunt”, or “whump” or “hooahh”. That’s the Burkie feel, and you’ll feel it too.

The Burkheimer 7134-4 is the sexiest spey rod we sell. A seven weight spey rod for steelhead is the equivalent of a 5wt for trout. So if you are looking for one spey rod that will take you from The Lower Klamath to The Skeena the Burkheimer 7134-4 is your rod.

We recommend 500 or 550 grain skagit head for this rod. Skagit is your line for winter fishing, heavy flies and fast sinking tip.

If you are fishing more on the surface you should line this rod up with a Scandi head. I like 435 to 480 grain Scandinavian head.