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Corqs Strike Indicator, Natural


Corqs Strike Indicator, Natural

$ 5.45


An all-natural, strike indicator will definitely help a fly fishing novice catch more fish on nymphs and puts another tool at the disposal of the intermediate or expert nymph fisher.

When is a strike indicator needed? When fishing deeper water in long runs it might be the only way to keep contact with your flies and for deep water angling weight is usually used which can pull the tip of the line under the surface. When this happens you lose contact with you whole system. This is a good time to apply an indicator in the terminal system.

Another time an indicator is required in when fishing size twenty and smaller dry flies. In this case an indicator is necessary to keep track of the fly; a small strike indicator like our 1/2″ CorQ will work.

Last, but not least, an indicator can be used to suspend a nymph just under the surface where the trout might be feeding on an emerging insect. Again the strike indicator will usually be small to medium sized.

In all cases CorQs FlyFishing Strike Indicators have changed the equation; check out the table below to learn more about the types of flyfishing strike indicators and associated conditions.


Each dimple on the surface of our cork strike indicator provides additional lift and reduces atmospheric friction (ie Golf Balls), allowing you to cast farther with greater accuracy.


The porous surface texture of our strike indicator displaces water quickly with less effort, allowing you to pick-up soft strikes that would otherwise go undetected. It's the edge you have been looking for...


Our plastic competitor, also known as Thingamabobber, has a tendency to slide down your line -- that won't happen with our products. Rest assured, you will be fishing at the depth you set.