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Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 10.8.2015

I have done two floats down the Yuba in the past week. I tried an early start and an afternoon start. The better fishing seems to be later in the day. That being said things are pretty slow there right now. The water is extremely low and clear. The bug life is lethargic, and not too many salmon around dropping eggs yet. I found better success using the drift boat as a shuttle from run to run rather than fishing from the boat the whole day. Being able to approach the water with caution and pick the runs apart has been useful. The fish are still there and they will still take a fly we just have to fish it differently than we have before because we have never seen it this way.

Hopefully we can get some colder weather to spice things up out there. With the bright sun on the water the fish are hunkered down and not making mistakes. Little bug activity doesn’t help either. With some cooler water temps we can expect more salmon and an egg bite this fall but this week looks warm. Maybe by the middle to end of the month things will turn around and get going out there.

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