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Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 12.1.2016

The Yuba has been fishing fair to good. With the rain fall the river has risen to 1200 cfs and is holding there. If it stays stable we are in for a good December.

There have been a bunch of Bastia out but the interesting bug has been a cream pond that has been coming off around 10. With a light wind day the bugs are out and the fish are eating them on the surface. It is a challenging feet dry fly fishing in clear water. Use down steam approaches with long light leaders.

Nymphing has been productive. Fish are still eating eggs but not like they were. It seems that aquatic insects under the indicator is becoming the way to go.

With the river at 1200 the river may look huge compared to what we have seen during the drought. You will have the most success Fishing the inside 25% of the river rather then bombing casts to the edges. Yuba fish definitely like holding on edges. If you are wading past your knees chances are you are standing in a spot where the fish were holding before you scared them away.

I’ve been swinging the river a lot with great success in terms of swinging standards. Flesh flies have been the ticket.

I have some open dates over the next two weeks. Get at me to get out here and enjoy some winter fishing.

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