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Yuba, Feather and Bass Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown reports on 3.9.17

While the Yuba, Feather, and Sac are dropping clarity and flow still remain issues.

The Yuba around 3500cfs is tempting as it seems to have the best clarity. I have guided/fished the Lower Yuba around 3500 and done very well, usually doing a double float between the bridge and Sycamore but from what I have heard Sycamore take out is not open yet so floating it is not an option. Once the take out re-opens I plan on getting out and floating it. Most of the areas that produce, I have found, at these flows are the areas where fish will move to get out of the current and many are not easily fished from the bank. That said fishing the edges along rocks and steep banks is what I would focus on if I was to go wade the river… That said, with the HUGE flows, who knows what the river even looks like. I have seen a few pics and it seems to be a bit different but there are still some areas that looked familiar…

The Lower Sac is down to 22,3000cfs coming out of Keswick 41,386cfs down by Chico. That said, clarity down by Chico is still pretty bad… coffee with creamer. To get out and striper fish I would like to have a bit more clarity and get the water down another 10-20K cfs.

The Feather has come down SUBSTANTIALLY but and is at a fishable level but not really a fishable clarity. The low flow and high flows are both at fishable flows so striper fishing down lower maybe picking up soon as long as they keep water at reasonable levels. Spring steelhead fishing… who knows, but if the water clears a bit and continues to stay down it would be worth getting out.

My main fishery right now has been the Oroville Afterbay. Water temps are in the high 50s pushing 60. The clarity and water level fluctuate as they manage water, but fish are starting to spawn or think about it and with the warm weather this week the bite could be wide open by this coming weekend. Fish are in shallow and fishing jig style or weighted flies in water from 1-4’ is catching a few fish here and there. Many of the fish spawn in deep cover so fly fishing can be challenging but it is a very cool fishery and VERY fly friendly most of the time.

Open dates:
March 11, 12, 18
April 1, 15,

Capt. Hogan Brown

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