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Yosemite Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Mazaira at Yosemite Outfitters Reports on 8.4.2016

Try the dry! 

This is the time of year to try getting your skills up on a dry fly. The presentation, line management, and casting improvements are worth it. I see a lot of anglers rely on the indicator, and yes it’s very effective, but don’t become a one dimensional angler! This is the time or year to go dry… the fish are responsive.


The river has more of a bass/ striper presence as you go away from the Dam. The heat will wear at you but a good early drift.
Upper Moke- It’s all fishing well, dries & dry droppers. Stimulators & Caddis are best.


Rafters are in full swing so watch flows.
  South Fork is doing well. Yellow Sallies, and Hare’s ears.
  Middle Fork is great above Twain Hart- look at Herring Creek and the inlet to Lyons!.Kennedy Meadows has a lot of pressure.


Middle Fork & South fork are doing very well. Subsurface caddis & midges work well, Caddis, Parachute Adams and Yellow Sallies.


El Portal is doing good! Shifts are happening so look to cooler parts of the day and mind water temps.

Lower Merced lots of Pike Minnows, Suckers, and when you catch a rainbow with a tracking tag on it know it is a rescue fish and keep it in the water.

Sierra National forest is on fire at elevation!!! Great time for Blue lining, just a fair warning, if your calling for where to go blue lining- you’re not blue lining :)!

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