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Upper Sacramento River Fly Fishing Report

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Bucko Theriot reports on 5.4.17


Upper Sac 

This week we have had some incredible weather and have taken full advantage of it—I even found myself wet wading. I did a couple days on the Upper Sac this week and the fishing was ok. The river is still big and currently flowing at 3390 cfs; two days ago it was at 2300 cfs, So it jumped up a thousand cfs since the 1st. 

You have to pick your spots wisely and knowing good spots during high water can pay off. The chefs top choice off the menu this week is rubber legs in a variety of sizes and should continue to be. There are plenty of salmon flies flying around and I have seen a good amount of shucks on the riverside vegetation and rocks. 

Funny little story: I was walking my dog two days ago in Dunsmuir and a little girl was strolling with her parents down the main drag, and all of a sudden this giant salmon fly lands on her neck and she about jumped out of her socks she was so scared—I had a slight chuckle to myself knowing how harmless these gentle giants of the bug world are! If you are going to fish the Upper Sac, make sure you have plenty of weights and rubber legs! And be SAFE!


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