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Upper Sacramento and McCloud Fly Fishing Report

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Rick Cox reports on 8.10.17

The beauty of fishing our rivers these days is the lack of people fishing, we have had recent days where we haven’t seen another soul on the water… believe me not complaining. The recent hot spell is behind us now and temps are hanging around highs of 90 degrees with some afternoon thunderstorm activity. I like these types of days, the humidity increase along with moderate temps and overcast skies can induce a fish to step up to the feeding trough. The Upper Sac and McCloud Rivers are having a sporadic caddis hatch that necessitates you making sure you have the appropriate nymph and dry imitations for this… see the recommended bug list below. The Upper Sac has been good down low in the morning then best to move up river in the afternoon before the water temp spikes. The McCloud on the other hand has it’s normal cold water and thus a chance to get into one of these big browns the river is so famous for. If you want your own personal river now is the time to be here, give us a shout!

Recommended Bugs …. Nymphs

  • Dirty Bird #8-12
  • Red Fox Squirrel #8-10
  • October Caddis Pupa #8-10
  • Plump Poopah #8-10
  • Jimmy Legs #4-14
  • LBS (dig back to a certain previous report)
  • Gordon Prince #14-16
  • Copper John (red & copper) #14-16
  • Tan or Olive Fox Poopah #14-16
  • Soft Hackles #14-16


  • Humpy #14-16
  • Adams #10-18
  • X-Caddis #8-14
  • E/C Caddis #14-16
  • Stimulator #8-14
  • PMD #14-16

If you have any further questions please call the shop and when you are in the area stop in and bug Bob.


Rick Cox

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