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Upper Sac and Klamath Fishing Report

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Ted Fay Fly Shop Reports on 10.26.2017

October has been spectacular in many ways here in Dogpatch. Unlike the pain in the ass conditions of last year with the record setting rains early on this year has been very kind weather and fishing wise. The beautiful Fall colors seem to be matching what you would see in New England, the temps have been very comfortable and the fishing has produced some of the biggest fish brought to hand ever. The McCloud River fishing has been toughest but for those who have their game face on it has been and continues to give up big browns and rainbows. October Caddis are thick and are doing their dance in the late afternoon…. best luck has been on Oct Caddis Emergers, Pupas and Dark Lords.  By now, with the extremely clear water, the fish have seen enough bobbers and fly lines slapping the water that they are a bit educated. This is where you have to start thinking outside the box and use a little ingenuity  ….  the new normal. The Upper Sac has also been a bit of a struggle, the wind has kicked in a lot of leaves and the lower river is root beer colored. We have been seeing a fair to good return of lake runs which are always a gas to hook into. Again here the October Caddis are thick and best put on one of those big emergers. The Klamath River season is in full swing now, we are finding half pounders and adults on every trip, this year is looking like a good steelhead year so far, give us a shout here at Wild Waters Fly Fishing.


Rick Cox

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