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Truckee River & Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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Gilligan reports on 1.5.17


First report for ’17, and all I can say is heavy, heavy dumpage of snow here for the Truckee River.

The storm door has opened. We have over a foot here in the Hirsch, which is good for us. We get shadowed a lot and have more cold than snow usually. Up on top of the hill they have been getting pounded! We could get all of our seasons snow in just this one week- if it works out right. That’s the thing with Tahoe, when it comes it comes.

Speaking of a years worth of precip in one week, this weekends storms look to be on par with some of the biggest we have seen in Tahoe-ever.  Heavy precip with rising snow levels this weekend could make for major flooding potential. 1997 again? Hard to say what will happen, but it’s all good for the Truckee River, and Lake Tahoe. The snow levels will be watched closely this weekend. A few thousand feet will make all the difference. Look for all the rivers in Nor Cal to hit flood stage. I’ll keep you posted on Instagram with photos from the Truckee River. Lets hope for snow and not too much rain. One thing to say is that we will have some water this summer on the Truckee River.

Pyramid Lake will be fishing, and the fishing has been consistently good this week. So if you can’t hit the Truckee River for a while else for that matter, we have P-Mid.

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