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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Heron Reports on 6.3.2020
Well it looks like summer may have finally arrived in the Truckee area. I wouldn't be surprised if mother nature has one more curve ball for us, but for the most part things seem settled and fishing is finally picking up. 
It was an odd spring thing year with the lack of snow. Most of us love chasing the big wild browns during the high flows of run off season. However this year was a bit different. The water came up some but it never really "blew out". It was also never consistently off color for the most part. Yes, a few giant browns were landed, but not nearly to the extent of the last few years. 
So what does the lack of snowpack mean? Well it means everything will be a bit earlier than usual this year. 
As I write this article the first week of June, we're seeing a plethora of bugs on the river every day. Over the next month you'll see the spring hatches of baetis and march browns start to dwindle (but they are still firing now!)
That said, some summer bugs are really starting to pop! Everyday we're seeing a mix of all sizes of caddis, PMDs, yellow sallies, midges and a few golden stones, but not many. 
We've been doing bug samples with our guests almost everyday and finding tons of Green Drake nymphs. They could pop any day, but I'd still give it a few weeks. 
And don't forget to have a good mix of crayfish too, it is summer after all.
Obviously nymphing, dries and streamers will be the go-to for most anglers, but don't overlook swinging nymphs and soft hackles as we get deeper into summer. One of our recent trips, over half of our eats were on the swing!
Just quarter a cast downstream, give a mend to adjust for water seed and depth and hold on. And don't set the hook! Just a gentle lift once the fish is on and there's consistent pressure will do. No trout sets!
From a school standpoint, our daily classes are in full swing and fishing is as good as it gets. If you haven't taken lessons with us before, check out our Cast N' Catch or our popular Pond and River Package. Both options include lessons on our private, stocked ponds. 
You can find out more here.
This is one of the best times of year to be on the water, enjoy!

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