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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Matt Koles reports on 7.11.19

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

July 4th has come and gone. 

It’s officially summer in Tahoe. Go in Safeway in Truckee and you’ll see why. Flows are perfect on the Truckee River.

There was lots of folks on the river this last week. Guides, anglers, floaters. All the weekend warriors were out. Nice thing, you can still find solitude as they’re lots and lots of river miles to get away from people. In fact, I never fished next to another soul all week.

Caddis mainly now. Lots of them out. Pmds would be next with a splattering of green drakes and yellow sallys and things like that. Nymph with the mentioned bugs. Big bugs like crayfish and golden stones should be your anchor flies.

Evenings are happening. They’re not so much on the caddis as they’re mainly on the smaller baetis. Splashy rises means they’re eating caddis, or more so, the pupa just under the surface. Good dry fly fishing right at dusk.

Weather has been perfect. So far, gotta be the mildest summer I can remember. It will get hot, but now we’ll only have about 6 weeks of it. Then it gets cool, and then it snows, and well, enjoy the nice weather while we have it.

I need room in the garage, so I’ve priced my raft to sell. $3,200.00 is a very good deal on a very good raft.

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