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Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

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Matt “Gilligan” Koles Reports on 12/23/2015

I can’t believe we have snow in the forecast for the next 7 days in a row! My anxiety level is slowly dropping and the river is slowly rising.

Cold the last few days in Lake Tahoe/ Truckee, like arctic cold again. We’ve warmed back up and the fishing on the Truckee River is actually very good for mid-December.

When I say very good, I mean you can probably go out and hook you some fish if you know what you’re doing. The fish you hook are going to be good sized this time of year. Big fish feed everyday, little fish not so much in winter.

All of the Truckee River has some flow to it right now. Been since last May that I could say that. From Trout Ck in Ca, all the way East of Reno.

Let me break it down:

The Glenshire Drive stretch has had some water in it for a little over a week now. It has been incredibly low since last spring. I would think that most of those fish packed up and headed out of there last spring and have yet to return, but who knows, could be fishing good now in there. There is a lot of river mileage in between Boca to Glenshire, Prosser Ck inflow, the Schoolyard, etc. I’m sure there’s some fish around.

Boca to stateline is good, maybe the best section on the river right now. Flows are hovering between 100-150 cfs. This section will come up big time this week. This is probably the best section in the entire river fish count wise. If you’ve been following me here on this blog then you know that some of the other sections suffered from low flows and warm water temps this summer. This section didn’t suffer, it is good to go. This is my back yard water too, so if you need a guided winter trip, suffice to say, I have you covered.

In Nevada from the stateline to about Crystal Peak Park in Verdi is one of other sections that had good flows and water temps this summer. This section did not take a hit either. Good winter time fishing through there.

West of Reno and through Reno did suffer from warm temps and low flows. There is water in there now. Hard to say how it’s going to fish. The Mogul section was a legit “world class trophy trout fishery,” and where I did a shit ton of guiding. We got two, yes two, 30 inch’ers on guide trips over the years in that section. There still are big fish, but just not in the numbers as years past. Ndow will restock the river soon in this section and that will supplement for some of the fish. The jury is still out- about this part of the river.

Almost everyone I talked to thought that trout East of Reno through the Nature Conservancy would have all died this summer. Everyone was wrong. It did take a hit, but not nearly as bad as everyone thought. There’s still big wild trout in the high desert and I will be guiding it and floating it.

In some sections the river will fish differently, and some will fish the same as always. She’s always been tough though. It is really nice to see the river regaining her health.

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