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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 12/9/2015

Steelhead fishing on the Trinity River has been downright incredible these past few weeks. I took a little hiatus from writing a fish report for the month of November for a few obvious reasons: November is a crazy busy month on the Trinity and the river doesn’t need any additional promoting (by a fishing guide). I figured the anglers who live to steelhead fish - will simply go steelhead fishing! My daily schedule has been completely maxed out these past few weeks - every waking minute dedicated to details of a guide day. When given the choice at night between tossing a bumper for my pup, Buster, and talking to my 10 yr old daughter about her school day… writing a fish report shrunk to the very back of my list of things needing to be done.

We are currently seeing the bulk of the hatchery run in the DC and JC areas along with a few fish with adipose fins. A lot of tagged fish showing up in nets these past few weeks. These fish were tagged about 2 months ago at Willow Creek weir based on info mailed back from the tags I’ve returned. You are more likely to hit wild steelhead the further downriver you fish. There are very good numbers of steelhead widely spread throughout the upper river from Lewiston through Junction City areas. In some places it seems there are fish behind every rock.

Some days they eat big bugs like rubber legs and some days they prefer smaller nymphs imitating mayfly and small stones. The dirtier the water, the better the egg bite. Dedicated swing anglers are still hooking a few fish a day. The water temps have certainly dropped, but the committed are still finding players. Keep the faith.

We are bracing for the largest weather system of the season this week. Heavy rainfall is expected of 1-2 inches in local areas and we are looking at unsettled weather all week long. Now that the ground is saturated from previous weaker systems, and due to the sheer volume of rain expected… The river will definitely blow out below Canyon Creek today - and probably as far up as Douglas City depending on what all the many tributary streams contribute. I’m keeping an eye on Weaver Creek and Rush Creek to make decisions on where to float this week. I’ve got trips booked nearly every day up to Christmas Eve, but may have some unplanned days off to go duck hunting instead!!

I’ll try to find time for more regular fish reports in the coming weeks, but honestly… just go fishing!!! Currently I have these open dates: December 28, 29, 30 January 4-12, 29 Please visit my website

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