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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal Reports on 11.10.2016

Fishing on the Upper Trinity River for steelhead has continued to be very scratchy this week. Simply put… there are not a lot of fish concentrated right now anywhere in particular - but there are a few, here and there. Gotta get lucky and find them.

The fish that have come into the upper river over the past few weeks are spread throughout from Lewiston to Douglas City and through Junction City. This has helped spread out anglers as well. On any given day you could float any number of possible drifts or shore fish your favorite runs and find a few fish.

I’ve been telling my clients right now that we need to fish hard and stay focused - keep positive and just enjoy the process without getting to wrapped up when/where it’s gonna happen and numbers of fish. Cover lots of water and when the opportunity arises… be ready!

Despite the lack of big number days we’ve still manage to land a few nice adult fish while also having a great day on the water. Attitude is everything and given the choice between committing to the Trinity for a fish or two, or heading to the Lower Sac for a lot more hookups on some of the baddest trout around - some folks are still willing to roll the dice.

The Trinity is a pretty special river and it has been beautiful outside. Fall color has peaked and the leaves have begun to drop. After the incessant deluges in October (over 7” in Redding) the weather has turned back to warm and sunny in the afternoon. The other day we trailered the boat on an early day off and it was 73 degrees at the boat ramp!

Winter steelhead will be here before we know it. December - February is typically a great time for winter steelhead on the Trinity. More and more wild fish seem to be arriving vs hatchery fish. We will see what the next few weeks brings delivers.

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