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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

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Brian Clemens reports on 2.9.17

This year has been a crazy wet mess so I hope all of you have stayed safe and dry while mother nature shows us her fury. With this wet season, most of you know it has left almost all of Northern California blown out and too high to fish. With more coming down, it doesn’t look like the Sac Valley will clear up anytime soon. However, there has been a glimmer of hope, which I will talk about shortly. I will have to say, I am super excited and really looking forward to our spring to fall fishing with all the snow we have in the mountains. What this awesome snow pack means is a longer spring as well as a great summer and fall fishing with lots of cold water for the fish to thrive and for us to play. Even though things do not look so great right now, come late spring, summer and fall, its going to be great. So hang in there. If you are looking to get out now……… ya go……………

Fishing Report:
Well this one is pretty easy, all rivers are blown and unfishable except for one………

Trinity River:
The Trinity has been the saving grace for any guide permitted on this river, and it has been fishing pretty darn good considering it is the only wadable/fishable river in Nor Cal. Meaning its been a bit more crowded than normal. Right now she is a bit high as well as brown, but with a big break in the rain just around the corner, this will be the place to be for the next month, maybe even until the beginning of April. The fishing has been consistent with some days being down right epic. We have been seeing some big fish hooked and landed, some reaching 30"+ and up to 15lbs, however, the average fish has been 24-28"/4-8lbs and full of chrome bright spunk. The big thing this year has been being up there and actually fishing as lots of reports have read its slow to even don’t go. But if you are up there and put in your time you will be greatly rewarded. The Trinity should fish good for the remainder of this month as well into mid-March, and if the flows stay steady, you will want to be there. Also, if you love to swing like me, now’s the time. Some of my best days swinging with or without clients has been in late Feb to mid March. Oh did I forget to mention the dry fly fishing, oh yes, dry fly fishing for steelhead and browns during this time can be off the chart. So if you are itching to get out, the Trinity has the cure for you, and we still have some available dates if you are looking to book a trip.

“Be the Report, don’t Believe the Report”

Trinity Dates:
Feb 20,21,22
March 6,7,8,9,27,28,29,30,31
More dates available upon request

If you are looking to book spring dates in the Sac Valley, start looking at reserving them now. Come late March to early April, the Feather will be fishable once again. Personally I think it will be slightly earlier, but by April 1st she will be ready to go. If you have fished the Feather in the spring, then you know how awesome this fishery is as well as how hot these steelhead are. Pound for Pound hardest fighting steelhead you will hook into next to fishing a coastal river. So if you are looking to book April and May, reserve them now, cuz as soon as these Sac Valley Rivers become fishable again, available dates will be hard to come by. Spring dates are already filling up.

Lastly for anyone interested in joining me in Baja in late July for Dorado, Yellowfin, Wahoo and many more, please contact me and I’ll send you the details.

Hope you all enjoyed the report, wish I had more to report on. Hopefully, I will have more on the next one.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you

Brian Clemens

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