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Trinity River Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 2.8.19

Trinity River Steelhead

We had some violent storms this past week in Northern California.
The results of these storms have us slightly ahead (2”) of "normal" for
rainfall and looking good for water content in the snowpack. Woot Woot.
This is great news for salmon, steelhead and wild trout fisheries all over
California and especially here in the North state. Perhaps we are finally
looking into the rearview mirror at the drought that has plagued us for
many years?
Steelhead fishing on the  Trinity River was pretty solid last week before the
biggest storms blew out the river for a couple days. Every day was different
but we saw decent numbers of adult steelhead hooked each day… all of
these fish had their adipose fins.
Flows in DC are steadily dropping around the 700cfs mark (below Weaver
Creek) and 450cfs above Weaver Creek… viability was about 2’ yesterday.
Flows in JC are still on the big and pushy side of 1200cfs so it may take until
the weekend for the lower drifts to be best but really the clarity is the main
issue more than the flows… green and 2-3’ of viz is perfect, even if above
1k, just add one more take-out to your float.

The upper Trinity River is well known to drop quickly and clear up fast once
it stops raining – this river is one of the fastest clearing rivers in CA next to
the Smith.

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