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The Surf Fly Fishing Report

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Jack Harrison, Fish The Rip

Up until this monster swell the surf perch fishing has been good and getting better. The last 3 weeks have been perfect for fly fishing in the surf zone with small swells, big tides and great fishing weather on the coast. We have been catching large barred surf perch, red tail perch, walleye, shiner perch and in mid-November even landed a few striped bass out of the suds. The structure has been subtle and the tides big. Fish the beginning of the tide drop or the end of the outgoing for the best shots at large perch, early in the morning has been fishing better than evening. That being said the structure has been changing every swell. These monster winter swells and storm systems move a TON of sand around, and the beaches are about to undergo a much needed facelift. The result will be structure that we haven’t seen in years. This will concentrate the fish and with that I’m guessing that the next two months will be good to epic for fishing our local beaches. 

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